A Message from Father Jim & Reverend Kate

Dear Friends,

We are entering the strangest Holy Week any of us will have known; no chrism mass, no foot washing, no watch of the passion in the lady Chapel, no veneration of the cross after stations on Good Friday and no glorious celebration of the first light at the Saturday vigil.

We cannot be together, but we are still the church. Each year we ask all Christians to walk with Christ on the way of the cross in Holy Week, this year is no different. I have been very cheered to know that many of you are following the services on Facebook and that those of you who do not have access to social media are following in the Spiritual Resources booklet. We have produced another booklet, this one to help us walk through the way of the cross to the glorious paschal mysteries of Easter. Brothers and sisters, please continue to follow our parish worship in any way you can, please continue to pray for one another, and in this way, we will know that we are building up the Kingdom of God in this place.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, we would usually be processing in the parish to remember Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, how can we publicly acknowledge this important day on our calendar when so many of us will be behind closed doors?

The Missionaries of the Holy Spirit posted this idea on their Facebook page:

What if everyone on Sunday, April 5 in the morning, puts a branch on the door of their house or on the window, to celebrate Palm Sunday?

It could be any green branch you can get. This would help, despite the social distancing, to be connected as we enter the Holiest of Weeks.
Let's make the biggest ‘procession’ Saltdean has ever seen by having our ‘Palm’ branches on display across the parish.
We may be physically isolated, but not separated. We are united as the body of Christ.
We are the Church.

With my continued love and prayers

Father Jim 


Dear All

Hoping you are well; you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

John and I are two of the nearly half a million people who have offered to be NHS volunteers. I will continue to be a chaplain two days a week and will volunteer, if and when I am needed, on the other days. You therefore won’t see me doing morning and evening prayer live, but I may be the one who takes you for a hospital appointment or brings your medication.

I therefore might take a while to respond, if you contact me, depending on how busy I am, but I look forward to chatting to you whenever I can.

John will continue to print a non- pew sheet, (a sitting room chair sheet), for those of you not on email, so you may see us and others out delivering them. Please wave to us!

Please take care of yourselves, and praying that we will all be together again very soon,

Love and Blessings

Revd Kate

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